Exploring the Torvehallerne: Copenhagen's food market

Copenhagen's biggest food market, the Torvehallerne, is always one of my favourite places in the city. 

Every time I visit I make sure to really take as long as I can to wander every aisle (and try every free taster) until I'm just walking around in circles.

Located centrally in Copenhagen, the Torvehallerne is comprised of over 60 different stalls that include spices, coffee bars, tapas, fish and meat counters, pizza and so much more. 

In the courtyard between the two main buildings of the Torvehallerne were fresh fruit and veg stands with so many types of tomatoes and summer stone fruits that I had a hard time persuading myself not to buy. If I ever end up living in Copenhagen, a weekly trip to the market would need to be a staple.

It's a good idea to be ready for lunch when you head to the Torvehallerne, and J and I worked out a good system: do a first lap of the market trying tasters of everything offered to you (think cheeses, bread and olive oil, amazing spreads and chocolates) and treat this as a starter - then choose a stall to return to for a take-away lunch. 

It's worth mentioning that while I've eaten some amazing food here, I've also tasted something I couldn't hate more if I tried: salted liquorice. It's a big thing in Scandinavia and our Airbnb hosts spoke about it with so much love, but if you haven't grown up with it then it's one of the worst flavours. Definitely an acquired taste.

Have you visited the Torvehallerne? Which stall would you go and revisit?

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