Midsummer celebrations in Copenhagen

Danish Midsummer celebrations

When J and I stayed in Copenhagen back in June, our lovely Airbnb hosts invited us along to a traditional Danish Midsummer celebration at the nearby city park, Frederiksberg Have.

Known as 'Sankt Hans aften' (St John's Eve), the celebrations take place in the evening of every 23rd June and involve burning a witch made of straw and cloth on a bonfire.

It's a Solstice celebration that's happened since the Vikings, although the witch has only been involved since the 1920s. The burning of the witch is meant to send her away to Germany, where witches gather (apparently?!).

There were celebrations all over Copenhagen, and we saw them building the bonfire at the city's famous Nyhavn harbour earlier in the afternoon. It's a really popular event, and the parks get pretty crammed with people. 

Speaking of which, I know Copenhagen locals love their bikes but I have no clue how anyone finds them again: