August's Instagram highlights

I really can't believe it's September. How did that happen?!

August seems to have flown by, which I think is why I haven't been Instagramming as much. I've been really getting into my (now not very new) job, and had a lot of busy evenings with J. 

I think I've also got some residual post-holiday blues, so I need to remind myself that the everyday is worth taking photos of in September.

Here's a look at what I got up to in August:

Top row: I took the office dog, Scamp, for a walk; I went to the Isle of Wight Garlic Festival and watched the Lamb National (as good as it sounds).

Middle row: I caught J looking for treasure on East Cowes beach; I ate plenty of Mexican food and enjoyed a few caipirinhas.

Bottom row: I enjoyed a sunny walk by the River Itchen in Winchester; I spotted this awesome pink front door also in Winchester.

What did you get up to in August?

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