Where we stayed: five Airbnbs in five Scandinavian cities

Since J and I got back from our Scandinavia trip, a lot of people have asked us the same question: what was it like using Airbnb?

Our stays were mainly great, and we visited some really nice places.

I thought I'd share some details on where we stayed on our trip, and in a few days I'll let you know what we found the pros and cons to be.

Copenhagen: We stayed with Julie and Jens in their apartment in Frederiksberg for three nights. This was our first time using Airbnb ever, and we loved the place.

Copenhagen Airbnb

The apartment was light, bright and airy. It really matched what I thought of when I imagined a simple Danish home. Julie and Jens themselves were a lovely couple, and a great example of how Airbnb can be so awesome; it was great to hang out with another couple in their 20s who enjoy travelling. They had some good recommendations of what to do in the city and pointed us in the direction of Denmark's traditional midsummer celebrations (more on that next week!).

Malmö: We stayed in Tamara's apartment in the Västra hamnen area for two nights.

 The view from Tamara's apartment

The view from Tamara's apartment

The location was amazing - right next to the Turning Torso building and the sea, and with incredible views over the water. The apartment itself was nicely furnished and really comfortable. If you happen to be in the living room when the sun's setting, the entire place is flooded with amazing orange and pink light.

Gothenburg: We stayed with Henrik and his very cute dog Hugo just outside the city centre for two nights.

Gothenburg Airbnb

Henrik was a really nice host and bought in supplies for us to have a big breakfast every morning, which was a small gesture that helped us save some money. He also helped us out with recommendations for what to do in the city, as we arrived not knowing very much.

The apartment was a short tram ride out of the city centre, which we didn't really mind, and had some great views over the city.

Oslo: We stayed in the Grünerløkka area of Oslo for three nights.

With this apartment, we loved the neighbourhood but not the host so much. We had a few disturbed nights there, and we got the impression that the reason he'd signed up for Airbnb wasn't because he loved having guests at his place.

  Grünerløkka mathallen - a food market near our apartment

Grünerløkka mathallen - a food market near our apartment

The location was awesome though and it was a good place to base ourselves for the city, so we'd look to stay in the same area if we went back.

Stockholm - We stayed with Marcus on the island of Södermalm for four nights.

Marcus' place was a really friendly apartment, which had a bit of a student vibe as there were always other visitors there. It's a four bedroom apartment, of which three are let out for Airbnb guests. This meant we had some nice Australian and American flatmates for a while and sharing some food with them saved us some money.

 Marcus' balcony was the perfect place to chill out with a can of Swedish cider

Marcus' balcony was the perfect place to chill out with a can of Swedish cider

Södermalm itself is a fantastic area, and I recommend staying around here if you're visiting Stockholm. 

I'm pretty sure both J and I would be happy to stay in most of these Airbnb apartments again if we go back to any of these cities.

Which one would you go for? Have you stayed in amazing Airbnb anywhere? Let me know what your experiences have been like!