10 goals to hit before I'm 25

I'm not sure how it happened, but my birthday was nearly a month ago now. That's a twelfth of a year already gone!

I want to make the most of this year, so I've set myself some goals to have a go at. 

They're (mostly) not too strenuous, but hopefully will all have a positive impact. I'll be blogging about them as I go along - which will also make sure I stick to them!

10 goals before 25

1) Run 100 miles
Not all in one go. But over the course of the next year, I'm aiming to rack up 100 miles. This won't be easy because I'm a terrible runner.

I'm still determined to do it though, especially as I no longer have a gym membership and I'm well aware that I'm not doing much exercise anymore!

2) Go veggie for a month
When I thought of this one, I had to sit J down and ask him if he would still live with me while I do this. Once he realised he could eat as much meat as he likes for breakfast and lunch (the meals I don't eat with him on weekdays), he was fine. Job done!

I've always thought of myself as a carnivore, but I'd be really interested to give this a go. If nothing else, it'll be a good challenge.

3) Take a design class
Since getting more into blogging, I really want to be able to do more of my own graphics. I've seen some great classes over on Skillshare that I think I'll try to work my way through.

4) Take a yoga class
For about a year and a half I did quite a lot of Les Mills Bodybalance classes - which, if you haven't heard of them, are a commercialised mix of yoga, pilates and tai chi. Not that that's a bad thing, as I really enjoyed them and they really made me feel differently about my body. 

After a while I felt ready to take this to the next step and try a proper yoga class, which I'd still like to do. Even if I fall over.

Green smoothie bowl

5) Do 30 days of green smoothies
Have you seen Simple Green Smoothies? I love following them on Instagram for some healthy inspo, and they often run 30 day challenges. They email the challenges to you (it's all free) so you can take part whenever you want.

I'm really looking forward to doing this one, and making the most of the fruit and veg stall at the market.

6) Make ice cream
I've never made ice cream because it always seems so awkward without an ice cream maker. I know there are ways of doing it, and one day (before my 25th birthday!) I will spend the time on making it. Now I just have to choose a flavour.

7) Unfuck the spare room
I've spoken a bit about 'unfucking' before. If you're not sure, check out Unfuck Your Habitat. I swear by it. As well as the blog, there's an app with a timer for 20/10s (20 mins work, 10 mins rest). You'll be amazed at how quickly you can sort out a mess.

Our spare room has always been the danger zone, with a lot of stuff that we don't use dumped in there. I'd like us to be able to use it more and have people to stay, so I'm on a mission to sort it out. I'm going to be using my mornings before I go to work to do little bits here and there, and see how well it goes.

8) Learn to code something
It looks like this internet thing is here to stay, so I may as well learn to speak its language. I've only done very basic coding before, but like making my own graphics, I'd like to be able to do more to my corner of the web and take a class.

9) Book a trip
It's quite rare that I'm not planning some trip or other, so it would be really nice to get one booked. It might be my dream trip to San Francisco, or the perfect beach holiday in Italy, or finally managing to catch up with friends in Sydney. Or it might be somewhere a lot closer to home. Either way, I'm happy knowing there's any adventure around the corner.

Book a trip

10) Organise recipes
This one might sound a bit lame, but it ties in nicely with number 7. If you're anything like me, you've gathered a few cookbooks that you don't use as often as you'd like.

My plan is to take the time to flick through them all and mark pages of things to try out. Then when the weekly meal planning comes around, J and I won't just be scratching our heads and saying: "I don't know... soup?" like we usually do.

And there we have it. I'm looking forward to working on these goals - even running 100 miles. I might get as many of them out of the way as I can before winter gets here!

Do you have anything you're working towards? Let me know and we can send each other positive thoughts!