Where and when: Southampton Common, Autumn 2012

Happy Friday, gang!

It seems like everyone's feeling a chill in the air this week. I'm really not enjoying it, but it is a nice excuse to start looking at autumn and winter clothes. I think I'm going to channel the Danish style I loved in Copenhagen, so if I start wearing only black skinny jeans and Nikes you'll know why.

This photo is from two autumns ago, on the common near where I live. It was taken with my favourite, an 80s Olympus OM-30, and I was practising with the focus a lot on this roll. I'm sure I'll share more as #filmphotofriday carries on.

Don't forget that you can join in with #filmphotofriday if you'd like - just use the tag and send me a link. Have a great (long!) weekend!