Lagerhaus top picks

If you haven't heard of Lagerhaus, I totally forgive you. I hadn't either, until I wandered around different cities in Sweden and fell in love.

This homeware chain is brimming with wonderful Scandi style, and I found it really hard to limit myself on what I could bring home in my suitcase.

I'm still following Lagerhaus on Instagram, and I'm really hoping someone I know will travel to Sweden so I can put in an order!

Here are some of my favourite Lagerhaus buys:

Lagerhaus top picks

1. MATTA TRÅD - I scrolled across this rug on Lagerhaus' Instagram feed. I'm pretty sure if they were selling it when I visited their shops, I would have been begging J to let me bring one home. Just as well, I guess!

2. PENNANTS PAPER - This colourful bunting would cheer up any room, and maybe even make you feel like you're having a party.

3. PAJFORM PORSLIN ROSA - I don't own any pie/tart dishes, and I really took a liking to the ones in store at Lagerhaus. Bit heavy to carry home, though!

4. ALPHABET POSTER - This cool print looks even better viewed close up, with each letter meticulously designed. I love the extra Swedish vowels, too.

5. KUDDE LATER - I snapped this cushion in a store in Malmö as soon as I saw it. Perfect for a lazy Sunday watching movies.

6. HEJ FREDAG - The main (only) reason I didn't buy this book is because it's not available in English, and my terrible Swedish wouldn't be able to get me through. Friday night dinner is a big thing in Sweden, where families and friends gather around to all help cook a fantastic meal together (quite often tacos), and I love that idea. 

7. SKRIVBLOCK GET SHIT - It's a notebook that gives you a kick up the bum. Who doesn't need that?

So who wants to pop over to do some shopping for me?

If you'd like more awesome home inspiration, check out the hashtag #lagerhausfavoriter on Instagram to see how the Scandi natives are syling their wares (warning: it will give you serious home envy).