Magazine haul: the best food mags from around the world

I've never done a haul post before, for a few reasons:

1) I usually associate them with beauty bloggers - and that's really not me.

2) I don't often buy things in big enough lots to be 'hauls'.

Until now.

Magazines are one of my true weaknesses. I love them, and I devour quite a few on a monthly basis (that'll be why I haven't started reading my book for July yet, then).

On my recent trip around Scandinavia, I was saving up my pennies (or my Kronor) to spend in two fantastic magazine stores: Copenhagen's Magasin du Nord - where I visited previously and felt in heaven - and Stockholm's Papercut - where I've wanted to go for so long. My visit there was practically a pilgrimage.

These shops stock magazines that I've found it really difficult to source in the UK (without ridiculous postage fees), so I let myself go a little bit crazy with the buying. 

I was also really impressed with the Swedish chain Pressbyrån. According to Wikipedia they're convenience stores, but I was really impressed with their magazine selections in places like train stations.

You'll probably notice the theme behind these publications. All I can say is that I really, really like food.

Acquired Taste magazine

Acquired Taste, issue 3

This travel-sized mag has some great writing. It's less about recipes, and more about the people and companies behind great food.

Stand-out spread: There are so many great interviews in here that I don't know where to start. First I'll be reading the ones with April Bloomfield, Peter Meehan of Lucky Peach (we'll get to that soon!), and Russell Norman.

Purchased: Papercut, Stockholm. This was a pre-owned issue from a while ago, so it actually cost a very small amount. Bargain!

Gather Journal

Gather Journal, Caravan - The Desert Issue (spring/summer 2014)

I love the themes Gather use for their mags, and I found it difficult to pick just one to bring home. 

The pages are jam-packed (pun intended) with arty photos, wonderful recipes, and even food that would look completely at home in the desert - like the orange anise sand jar cake.

Stand-out spread: The cocktails look amazing, but I've got to try out the paprika-glazed kebabs with pearl couscous.

Purchased: Papercut, Stockholm.

Bon Apetit magazine

Bon Appétit, June 2014

I've followed Bon Appétit on Instagram for a while, so I was excited to pick up a copy at Malmö Central station. There are some really nice summer recipes in here, and it reminds me of Olive - one of my favourite UK food magazines.

Stand-out spread: The ultimate cherry pie, as seen on the cover. So American, right? I've never made a proper fruit pie, but maybe this is my year to try it.

Purchased: Pressbyrån at Malmö Central Station.

Hearth magazine

Hearth, volume 1

This lifetstyle mag is the least foodie of the bunch, although it does contain recipes. There are some beautiful photo essays and travel stories in here.

Stand-out spread: I really love the black and white photos of Central Park. Mark Weinberg's shots make me want to go there and take my own.

Purchased: Papercut, Stockholm.

Copenhagen Food magazine

Copenhagen Food, #23

This mag contains beautiful photography and what looks like some great recipes - but it's in Danish. Being that I can't read Danish, I'm content with flicking through and letting the imagery do the talking.

Stand-out spread: There's some fantastic underwater photography from a story that I THINK is about seafood in Miami.

Purchased: Magasin du Nord, Copenhagen.

Lucky Peach magazine

Lucky Peach, the Street Food issue, winter 2014

Lucky Peach is another one that's been on my to-read list for a while. The issues, again, are always themed and the street food edition features a good mix of recipes, writing and interviews.

Stand-out spread: A look into the street food and shops in Penang. Penang curry is a favourite of mine, and this seems like even more of a reason to visit.

Purchased: Magasin du Nord, Copenhagen.

Sweet Paul magazine

Sweet Paul, summer 2014

I love Sweet Paul. I wasn't expecting to love it so much, but the mix of wonderful photography, got-to-make-it-now recipes and lifestyle articles completely sold it for me.

It's the only magazine of the bunch that I've actively sought a subscription for, and it's already one of my favourites.

Stand-out spread: The boozy ice pops, some of which are featured on the cover. I really can't believe I haven't made any of these yet.

Purchased: Papercut, Stockholm.

Food and Travel magazine

Food and Travel, August/September 2014

This is the only mag from the lot that I picked up in the UK! I found this in my local WHSmith and couldn't be happier. It's based on two of my favourite things, and I'm always up for adding new foodie destinations to my bucket list. 

Stand-out spread: There's a beautifully-shot feature on marinades for all sorts of meats that just makes me want to go and fire up the barbecue.

Purchased: WHSmith, Southampton

Hallen magazine

Hallen, no. 2

I was put onto this magazine by Linda Lomelino, who I follow on Instagram for her incredible photos of her cake and ice cream creations - like on the cover. Hallen is a free magazine you can find at the Hötorgshallen food market in Stockholm.

While the mag is in Swedish, we visited so many wonderful food markets on our trip that it's really nice to have this as a reminder of all the free tasters we snagged.

Stand-out spread: Aside from the gelato bar feature, there's some lovely shots of Sweden's coastline, and a photo essay on lunchtime in and around the market.

Purchased: picked up for free at Hötorgshallen, Stockholm.

And that's my haul! While I love flicking through these (mainly) foreign volumes, it'll be a while before I get to buy more issues due to the fact that they're not cheap to source.

Have you seen any of these mags around in the UK? Where did you find them?

In case you were wondering, my favourite British food magazines are Olive, Jamie Magazine and Waitrose Kitchen - which my mum always forwards on to me! What are your favourites?