23 things that make me happy and proud

Here it is: my first post as a 24-year-old!

On my birthday eve (everyone calls it that, right?) I asked Twitter what I should do with my last evening of being 23. The lovely Jesse of Hecticophilia suggested that I make a list of 23 things that make me feel happy and proud.

And here it is!

I'll try to keep it brief, because, you know, 23 is a lot. In no particular order:

1. Getting into my chosen career
It feels pretty good to be doing what I want to do, and having a positive future ahead of me. I also feel proud (and very lucky) to have been pretty much continuously employed since I graduated.

2. Getting my degree results
It's always great when you find out all the work (and all-nighters) were worth it. If you're interested, I have a BA (Hons) in Music Promotion, and postgraduate diploma in Marketing Management.

3. Slice of Sunny
I'm really proud of getting off my arse and sorting out my blog. I'm determined to not get lazy with it, and I'm really excited to action some big ideas I have for it!

Slice of Sunny blog

4. Finding exercise that I enjoy
I seriously never though this would happen (see no. 8) - but I've found I actually really enjoy yoga/pilates type classes. Must get a new gym membership sorted out.

5. Improving my writing skills
Since I was a kid I've always written stories, and now I love that writing is such a big part of my job.

6. Improving photography skills
Like with writing, I'm really happy I've taken time to play around with cameras, film, digital and editing.

7. Becoming independent
I think I've always been quite independent, but when I moved to Southampton for uni six years ago I was worried about how I'd do. Actually, I loved living on my own!

8. Getting by with dyspraxia
I've written a bit about this before. I didn't know I was dyspraxic until I was 21, and I always do my best to make up the areas where it lets me down.
All except for riding a bike. I really don't want to ride a bike.

9. Learning to cook
Considering how much I enjoy cooking now, it's pretty amazing how little I could do when I moved to uni. Many student meals (like spaghetti korma) ended up in the bin in my first year.

10. Travelling
I've been lucky enough to travel to some awesome places, like Australia, Kenya, Scandinavia - and I'm nowhere near done yet!

11. Having an awesome group of friends
Joining the uni radio station was probably the best thing I did in my life. It was an amazing way to spend three years with some of the best people I've met.

Slice of Sunny blog

12. Finding my guy
Speaking of meeting people through student radio, meeting J is definitely one of the things I'm most happy and proud of.

13. Seeing my favourite bands
Some of my favourite bands are a bit obscure, but I'm so glad to see ones that I never thought I would - and probably never will get to again - like Thrice, The Weakerthans and Hondo Maclean.

14. Having my words printed
I'm hoping this is something I can experience a lot more over the next few years. When I started writing press releases in my last job, it was so cool to see something I'd written in print.

15. Always wanting to learn more
Can you be addicted to learning? I think it's one of the reasons for my magazine collection (see no. 19). I love reading about new things, and don't think I can stop.

16. Helping James
Helping J where I can with his depression is something I feel proud of, but I'm mainly just very proud of him for handling it so well.

17. Being an honorary auntie
I'm lucky to have a boyfriend with the three best nieces, who are all so much fun. 

18. Growing chillies
I don't have any growing right now, but I do still have a small amount left in the freezer. As soon as we get a garden, I'm sure I'll be growing lots more.

19. Growing a collection... or two
Cameras, magazines, cookbooks... I might need to move to a bigger place soon. I love them though, and I'm determined not to go full-on hoarder.

20. Being a bookworm
Having a great book to read makes me really happy. And having a long list of books I can't wait to read also makes me really happy.

Slice of Sunny blog

21. Being an introvert
I'm really okay with this. I think PR is a very extrovert job, but I like having the separation between that and having my own time.

22. Blagging my way into things
I think I've done pretty well at this over the years. I've been to more festivals and gigs for free than not (thanks again, student radio) and had some great experiences through the gift of the gab!

23. Surviving 23 years!
Says it all, right?!

It was really nice having a think about things I've done over the years. It makes a positive change from the usual 'I wish I could do this', or 'when will I be good enough at that'.

Why don't you give it a try, and let me know what's made you feel good in your life?