The year in books: July

I know I'm a bit late for this month's #theyearinbooks, but I'm determined to give it a shot anyway!

#theyearinbooks July

This month, I'm hoping to finally get around to reading some Murakami. I've had several of his books on my to-read list for a long time (it's a long list!), so I really need to start somewhere.

I decided on Norwegian Wood, because about a week ago I was in Norway, and I saw a lot of wood. No joke, it really is that simple (I really am that simple). It put the title into my head and I decided it had to be read very soon.

More seriously, I'd seen great reviews for this book and it seemed like a great place to start with Murakami. Do you have a favourite book of his?

The rest of July looks crazy busy (did I mention it's nearly my birthday?!), and I brought home a lot of reading material from my Scandinavia trip in the form of beautiful magazines, but I'm determined to make time for proper reading too.

Last month I read The Fault In Our Stars, and I'm glad I avoided spoilers (I'm not going to post any, either!).

I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, and really loved the teenage dialogue.  John Green seems to know how to write young people and deal with sensitive subjects.

The further I got through it, the more I had my nose buried in it (or pushed up against it, as I read it on a Kindle), but I surprised myself by not shedding any tears.

This doesn't mean I wasn't moved by it - I was, and I do really recommend reading it you haven't already. I'm unlikely to see the movie unless it ends up on Netflix and I have some free time, but please let me know if you think it's amazing and I'm making a mistake.

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