When I recently visited Paris, I was lucky enough to get along to the Centre Pompidou for their Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition.

I'd never visited the Pompidou before, but loved it when I got there. It stands out wonderfully in Paris, with its completely eclectic style.

All tubes and pipes on the outside, the Pompidou also has a great water fountain feature on the ground with fun shapes and sculptures to admire.

One of the best things about the building has to be the amazing view over the roofs of Paris once you start getting up to the fourth floor (and higher). I was really lucky to visit on such a lovely day, and could see right over the skyline - from the Eiffel Tower, to the Montparnasse Tower, to Sacré Cœur.

Unfortunately I believe you need a ticket to an exhibition to get access to these levels, but I really think it's worth it if there's something you're even remotely interested in seeing - so you can get the views too.

The exhibition itself was fantastic. It documented work from throughout Cartier-Bresson's career as a photographer, from the 20s through to the early 70s.

His work spanned continents, and included travels around Europe, the US and India, and moved through many periods, starting with Surrealism.

Much of his work as a photojournalist was also on display, along with some of his most famous pieces.

As I've previously mentioned, Cartier-Bresson's striking images influenced me heavily when I first starting playing around with film cameras nearly 10 years ago, and still inspire me today.

It was so fascinating learning about his techniques and subjects, and I've picked up some tips that I'm hoping to inject into my own photos.

This exhibition is no longer running at the Pompidou, but I really recommend that you give it a visit if you get the chance. It's one to add to your Paris bucket list!