Scandinavia trip itinerary

Back in January, J and I sat down and planned two week's worth of travelling around Scandinavia. It seemed big, exciting and scary.

Fast forward five months, and we're actually on our way!

Scandinavia trip itinerary

I still can't believe how quickly it's snuck up on me, but I'm finally feeling prepared for the trip.

I wanted to share our itinerary as I'm just. So. Excited. Let me know if you've been to any of these places, and what you recommend we do!

Day 1: Copenhagen
Day 2: Copenhagen
Day 3: Copenhagen
Day 4: Copenhagen to Malmö
Day 5: Malmö (possibly visiting Lund)
Day 6: Malmö to Gothenburg
Day 7: Gothenburg
Day 8: Gothenburg to Oslo
Day 9 Oslo
Day 10: Oslo
Day 11: Oslo to Stockholm
Day 12: Stockholm
Day 13: Stockholm
Day 14: Stockholm
Day 15: Stockholm to home

We decided fairly early on to try out Airbnb on this trip, and actually everywhere we're staying is an Airbnb place. This has saved us quite a bit of money compared to booking hotels, and I'm really looking forward to meeting some locals.

To get around, we're taking trains and planes. We'll take a short hop across the Øresund Bridge from Copenhagen to Malmö, and after that take high speed trains to Gothenburg and then on to Oslo.

We're flying from Oslo to Stockholm, so that map at the top isn't entirely accurate - I'm sure it'll be more of a straight line!

The thing I'm most frightened of is the ridiculous high prices in Scandinavia that I've heard so much about. I think me and J have budgeted quite sensibly on this trip (for example, I know the majority of my money is going to go on food. Obviously.), so hopefully we'll last and won't come back with just fluff lining our pockets.

We've done a crap-ton of reading, too - from Lonely Planet guides, to blogs, to literally whatever we can get our hands on. We're aiming to do a lot, but I won't be surprised if we come home saying that we need to visit again.

 Last time we visited Copenhagen, it was very beautiful and very cold

Last time we visited Copenhagen, it was very beautiful and very cold

This trip marks quite a departure from the usual for me and J. Since we've been together we've had some great summer holidays in hot climates, like the South of France and Gibraltar - but it's a great change.

We can't wait to sit out with the sky still light after 10pm, and see Scandinavia at the height of midsummer.

I'm hoping the long days will mean there's time for us to spend sitting somewhere nice and green with a good book as well as exploring, as we could both really use a break right now. Our long train journeys will be a nice time to look at the scenery outside and chill out, before we get going again in a new city.

I'm all loaded up with film for my camera and ready to go - see you when we get back!