Happy Friday!

I hope you've had a great week. I'm now three weeks into my new job, and loving it!

It's felt like a bit of a whirlwind recently - going from finishing my old job, to flying straight off to travel around Scandinavia, to flying home and immediately starting at my new place.

I think the dust has settled a bit now, and I'm ready to fully jump back into blogging.

So with that, I'm really excited to be launching Film Photo Friday! If you're a Lomographer/film camera fan like me, chances are you've got a whole back catalogue of photos that you'd love to share.

Every Friday, I'll be sharing one of my favourites and I'm inviting anyone who'd like to to join in. 

You can use the hashtag #filmphotofriday - and don't forget to send me a link if you blog it!

My photo today was taken on an Olympus OM-30 a few autumns ago, on a test roll of film. I loved playing around with the depth of field, and was really happy with this shot when I got the prints back.

What photo are you sharing today?