Ahh Paris, you beauty.

Does anyone else feel like they could just wander around this city, camera in hand, and be happy with that?

I visited with my Mum on a very hot May weekend. I think it was the best weather Paris had had all year, and it really looked fantastic.

Last time I visited, eight(!!!) years ago, I was on a strict, black and white film-only, phase. This time it was so nice to capture the city scenes in colour, and show another side.

These photos were taken with a combination of a Lubitel 120mm camera, my DSLR and my iPhone.

Although it was such a brief trip (we were there for just over 24 hours), we managed to cram in so much.

Staying in the Alesia area of the 14th arrondissment, we were just far enough outside of lots of tourist traps, but near enough to the Montparnasse tower to get some incredible views - which I will share with you soon.

I also got to experience the Eurostar for the first time. I couldn't believe how quickly we got from London to the tunnel - can we please get more high speed train lines built?!

On the way home, we got stuck for about an hour near Calais due to a line failure, so Eurostar have offered a half price discount on our next return journey.

Paris, I think I'll be seeing you again soon!

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