Film Photo Friday on Slice of Sunny

Where and when: Wareham, Dorset, summer 2012.

Happy Friday!

I snapped this a few summers ago, when I worked at Camp Bestival and stayed for a weekend in Dorset with James. It's taken with Lomography's old Tungsten X film, and I really love the slight purple shades to it.

I miss that film a lot (it's my favourite, second only to their also-discontinued Sunset Strip), but I've just seen they've released a new Cine400 Tungsten emulsion, which I'm so tempted to try.

I haven't bought anything from Lomography for quite a while but I love the look of their latest camera offering, the LC-A 120. If only I needed a new camera!

Don't forget that you can join in with #filmphotofriday if you'd like - just use the tag and send me a link. Have a great weekend!