Hello 2013!

Well, this is overdue! Happy new year to you all, and I hope January has gone as you hoped. So far my year has been pretty enjoyable - I had a fantastic long (COLD) weekend away in Copenhagen with James (35mm photos to come) and have been going full pelt at work.

This year's resolutions are going quite well so far - I'm making conscious efforts to exercise more, and have started going to BodyBalance classes at work. For any fellow dyspraxics reading this, I haven't gone mental - these are definitely tricky (and embarrassing when you fall over) but I do think they might be helping my balance a bit! Although I think my co-ordination might be too bad to be saved... I do honestly recommend these to people looking for a way to improve these aspects, and although I'm not exactly feeling all the endorsed calming effects of the classes, I believe this may just be down to me concentrating so hard on what I'm doing, and will hopefully come to me soon enough! It also does feel like quite a good workout by the end of it, and leaves me with my body feeling positively stretched!

I have also been reading a lot more, and have somehow found myself with a 31 (yes, how did that happen?!) book long to-read list. I think I will post this up some time and ask for recommendations, and thoughts, as well as posting my own impressions of the books.

As well as all this, I seem to have caught a chilli-bug - thanks to my surviving Anaheim plants bearing wonderful fruits to jazz up my curries and, well, chillis - and have bought myself some Adorno and Apache seeds which I can't wait to plant!

That's it for this little round up, I'll be back before long with a proper Copenhagen blog post :)